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Award Winning Lifestyle Photographer - LSWPP  QGPP

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. I am a qualified member of the Guild of Professional Photographers – QGPP 

Qualified for my Licentiateship in Photography LSWPP with the Society Of Wedding & Portrait Photographers

I have trained with UK's Nikon Ambassador and Internatioanlly renowned photographer Kate Hopewell Smith in every aspect of photography. I have also trained with the fabulous World renowned photographer Kevin Mullins who specialises in documentary photography.

OK so formalites done - lets get to the juciy bits....

First and foremost I am a mummy, mom, best friend, baddy kisser awayer, bug exterminator, cake maker, den builder and worlds worst seeker at hide and seek to my 2 beautiful children who are my world and the main reason I finally got the confidence to chase my dream.

My favourite colour is yellow, it never fails to make me smile.

I laugh a lot, at just about everything. 

My friends and family mean the absolute world to me.

Photography is my passion. Has been ever since the tender age of 14 when I was given my first camera. I took it to school with me and made collages from the prints I had developed. My walls were covered in photos. I had this need to document as much as I could. My walls now are filled with photos. They always make me smile.

I lost my dad when I was 11 years old to the rotten, vile disease that is cancer. I don’t have many photos of him, but the ones I do have I treasure. Its another reason photography is so important to me. My dad was an incredible artist. He could paint and draw anything. He never sold his work he did it for free. He was a fireman and had a full time job – but art, art was his passion. I believe I get my passion for art from him. It’s my connection to him, which makes this dream come true even more special for me.

I love to travel and have travelled around America. It was an incredible experience and one I remember with fondness.

I love life. You have one and how it turns out is pretty much down to how you see it and live it.

Take a look around, I hope you like my work. My photography is very much from the heart. My style is documentary/reportage. Its all about love, life and laughter. As much as I love a posed image for me the details in between and the raw moments are what captures my heart everytime. If you like my style and fancy a shoot with me please do get in touch. I would love to hear from you.